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Les Nuits des Forêts – l’Appel de la forêt

The Nuits des Forêts festival is an invitation to (re)discover the forests close to home, and to meet those who help to maintain and protect them. The festival aims to raise public awareness of the importance of forests.

For 10 days, the festival questions our relationship with life and resources, with events open to the general public, to reconnect with nature in a sensitive way through nature experiences, collective actions in the forest, shows, artistic works, evening events and knowledge sharing.  

Initiated by the Coal association founded by Lauranne Germond, this festival takes place in over 150 forests in France. This year, Greenline Foundation and Romain Dian will present “L’Appel de la forêt” on June 17 and 18, 2023, in the Millemont forest.

Get to know your local forest better

Humans have long inhabited forests, and having begun to cultivate them very early on, they created a relationship with the forest that gave rise to trades and skills that, even today, shape the history of the place and are passed down from generation to generation.  

The Nuit des forêts festival is an opportunity to celebrate this relationship by relearning the names of trees and the behavior of insects, singing, dancing and listening to stories of the past and dreams of the future.

L’appel de la forêt – Greenline Foundation and Romain Dian

In June 2023, GLF will once again be taking part in the Nuit des Forêts Festival. The Millemont forest will host the first edition of the “Call of the Forest”.  

The intention of this experience is to spend a connected moment in the extraordinary Millemont forest, just outside Paris. To awaken and cultivate a connection with nature, to deepen ecological awareness, but also to meet each other.  

Get closer to the forest, marvel at it, understand it better and love it more. Rediscover it through art and poetry. Reconnect with it through Experience. 

The event will follow a logical thread, starting with the individual and his or her interiority (with the formulation of a personal intention during the opening ritual), and moving towards the collective and the incitement to action… 

“L’Appel de la foret” aims to bring the forest to life for one night, thanks to an immersive installation by artist Sarah Valente. This deep, immersive experience plunges us into the forest through a new prism, that of ultraviolet light, which allows us to see the world as an insect, revealing another level of perception and a new imaginary world. The mysticism of the forest.

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