harnessing the poWer of art to protect the world’s forests

The Greenline Foundation (GLF) endowment fund, launched in 2021, harnesses the power of art to promote and preserve the value of forests in a changing world.
Its work is threefold: raising awareness through art, striving to protect forests around the world and federating artistic communities.

Raising awareness through Art

GLF initiates artistic events to raise society’s awareness of our
environmental mission by allowing people to rediscover the beauty and critical
role of nature, and more specifically of forests.

GLF thus proposes a model of cultural ecology which strives for a positive and lasting impact.

Striving for forests

GLF aims to protect existing forests and also to re-wild damaged areas, in particular
through the purchase of lots and planting of trees.


GLf invites artists and art professionals to take action to protect the forests.

Greenline Collection

Initiated and nurtured by the Foundation President Sarah Valente, the Greenline Collection is made available to GLF. It is regularly the subject of exhibitions, it lends works to institutions and events at the crossroads of ecology and art.