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Cultivate the power of art and act for forest preservation

Why support us

Supporting GLF is the assurance of working for a world where art and forests have a place of choice. More broadly, it means helping to conserve the world’s fragile resources.

Your donations are affiliated with GLF’s two focus areas:

  1. Field projects for forest preservation
  2. Awareness-raising events through art

Our actions thus directly respond to four of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (11, 13, 15, 17) and indirectly support almost all of these 17 goals.

Our commitments : Rigor and transparency

Donations are pooled across all programs. This principle allows us to intervene based on identified needs and not on financial considerations.

The annual report is available on our website upon publication.

Our accounts are public and are audited by an auditor.

Make a donation in Bitcoin or other crypto-currency

Are you a crypto-currency holder and want to be one of our first crypto-donors? Greenline Foundation is offering you the opportunity to help our endowment fund by donating in crypto-currency very soon. Indeed, GLF will be by the end of the year able to receive this type of donation!

For the time being, donations in crypto-currencies do not qualify for a tax deduction. Therefore, we cannot issue tax receipts.