Greenline Foundation and POUSH have joined forces to build an agenda and a curation system that integrates the objective of raising awareness of the preservation of forests and our environment.

Mobilizing artists and audiences

GLF works with POUSH to enable the contribution of experts, thinkers and scientists, who are invited to take part in conferences as part of the exhibitions. GLF has also supported the exhibition Le payson, le chercheur et le croyant, organized at POUSH – Aubervilliers, from October 21, 2022 to January 7, 2023.

An innovative venue dedicated to contemporary creation

POUSH’s cultural program is designed to showcase the talents of the 250 resident artists, increase the number of encounters and introduce the site to a wide audience. Artists also benefit from dedicated events and training sessions. Encouraging the cross-fertilization of artistic practices between residents, POUSH networks artists, curators and academics, multiplying opportunities for exhibitions and questioning.


The farmer, the researcher and the believer – Chapters I & II

The exhibition invites us to look at the world in three ways: as farmers, as researchers and as believers, in an attempt to imagine a future in which we are constantly negotiating with our environment.

Like a fable, the exhibition broadens our horizons, exploring landscapes as a cradle that we’ve been working on for so long, leaving a mark on us. Landscapes where three ways of inhabiting the world jostle to enrich each other.

GLF supported the installation of an artistic device, the work 1HFRFS by Juliette Gelli and Alexandre Contini, under the dome. Juliette Gelli and Alexandre Contini decided to explore the possibilities of “artificial nature” with the design of their immersive piece, made up of 11 machines that draw on the art of sound effects to recreate the sounds of a tropical forest.

Saturday was punctuated by a series of lectures on terraformations: religious, scientific or peasant. Guests included Grégory Chatonsky, Emmanuele Coccia, Nicolas Schultz, Martin Guinard, Marie Sarah Adenis, Yves Sitton and Patrice Maniglier.

Radio POUSH hosted the day, including a live broadcast of the conversation between Emanuele Coccia & Greogory Chatonsky.


©Juliette Gelli

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